iNaturalist Mobile App

iNaturalist is a free to use mobile application which enables users to identify wildlife and share that data with an online repository which catalogues user’s findings Take pictures with your phone to find out what plants or animals you have discovered. Install the application on any apple or android device. Additional Sources iNaturalist.caiNaturalist YoutubeBC Parks
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2021 Season

2021 Season The 2021 Season dates have been updated on each of the respective parks pages. Visit our parks pages to see their dates of activity for accessibility or reservations. Be sure to check back on this website closer to your dates of arrival for any changes to accessibility due to Covid Constraints. Remember to
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BC Parks is following recommendations by the Health Authority and can change availability based on updating information.  Practise physical distancing of a minimum 6ft between park visitors and keep the park clean by utilizing the garbage bins provided. Some day use areas will be open for vehicles and some for foot traffic only, but facilities
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